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Introducing Adolescents' Last Resort Recovery

It may start with just a little inventive mix of drugs or alcoholic drinks for recreation, feel a little better, or with the coaxing of friends, but later on, only a few young people can realize they’re beyond casual use and going toward addiction. At this stage, they may start isolating themselves from families or friends and behaving poorly at home or school, and in most cases, they may not even be aware or refuse to acknowledge the impact of their actions brought by it.

This is when their need for professional intervention is at the greatest. Once your family starts to suspect signs of drug or alcohol abuse in the teen member/s of your family, professionals can better handle the problem as they have a non-judgmental, better perspective and use effective rehabilitation methods. Allow us to help your teen get back to their feet toward sanity and normalcy.

What We Do Find the Right Care

You might or not be sure what your teen’s problem is. Allow us to talk it out so we can diagnose and start implementing the right treatment plan for them.

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Residential Treatment

We have a live-in care facility to make the rehabilitation process more thorough.

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Family Sessions

What affects an adolescent affects his entire family, so we make sure to involve the family in the process.

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Alcohol and Detox

Abstinence, without the guidance of a professional, can be a lethal action for your teen. Allow us to help.

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Learn more about how we can help your adolescent and your entire family overall.

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Adolescents' Last Resort Recovery

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Your teen may not likely admit it to himself or the others how much he’s going beyond casual alcohol or drug use. Set up a meeting with us today.

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Steps to Join

Let us walk you through every step so you can fully benefit from our services.

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Who We Are Mission Statement

We are dedicated to helping adolescents and their families lead a productive, wholesome life by removing any forms of addiction that hinder them from achieving those, via a holistic, non-judgmental rehabilitative approach.

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