Adolescents' Last Resort Recovery

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An Avenue toward Complete Recovery

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to helping adolescents and their families lead a productive, wholesome life by removing any forms of addiction that hinder them from achieving those, via a holistic, non-judgmental rehabilitative approach.

Vision Statement

We aim for every adolescent and family in Modesto, California, as well as in the neighboring counties to make us their major go-to for alcohol or drug abuse treatment.

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About Our Company

Adolescents’ Last Resort Recovery has a center that can accommodate the teen patients and their family throughout the rehabilitation process toward wholesome outcomes. We specialize in the treatment of substance use disorders for male and female adolescents between the ages of 12 to 17, available 24 hours a day to give them the care they need anytime. We have been operating for more than a decade and thus, have made a positive record in Modesto, California, and the neighboring counties for the many teenagers and families we have helped find their way out of substance addiction and endeavor their success in the future years.

We assist each patient via an individualized approach, believing that everyone is different, so we first talk with the adolescent and the family, diagnose the disorder, and implement an effective treatment plan that caters to their social and emotional aspects, peer interaction, and environmental factors. Recognizing, admitting to, and being aware of their addiction’s impact on themselves and others mark the steps for recovery.

About Our Staff

Our mental health professionals are certified or registered in the state of California, all continuously educated with first aid, therapeutic orientation, and skills and attitudes toward ethics, counseling, and confidentiality. With a decade of experience behind us, Adolescents’ Last Resort Recovery produces high-caliber professionals who are all experts and dedicated to their work. Entrusting your teens’ welfare to us and involving your entire family are the best choices you can make for your teens’ future.

Why Choose Us

You need a recovery center with a strong experience and record behind it. The ongoing staff training, a decade of experience, use of Twelve Step Programs, and our dedication speak for us. After the formal treatments, we go beyond helping our adolescent patients to completely recover, avoid relapse, and achieve their goals as we still continue to monitor them outside the center via intensive outpatient treatment. These have led us to effectively help adolescents move on from their substance use disorders and into a better, wholesome life. Let Adolescents’ Last Resort Recovery be your partner all the way to healing!

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