Adolescents' Last Resort Recovery

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Meet Our Professional Staff!

Our professionally trained and educated staff are registered or certified in the state of California. All staff is subject to continuing their education for first aid, therapeutic orientation, skills and attitudes towards counseling, ethics, and confidentiality. Our staff is focused on being the best in order to provide our participants with the best. We focus on the social and emotional aspects of the individual, peer interaction, and environmental factors. Mental health impact as well as the cognitive restructuring of behavior. The family or support systems are also identified to assist with continued recovery. Our staff facilitates individual counseling and group therapy for both the participant and their families. 

We will educate the residents and families to provide them with the skills necessary for on-going self-care and recovery, including direct involvement in 12-step community-based programs. We will teach and integrate a series of new living skills, which focus on the development and nurturing of mind, body, and spirit. 

The Adolescents’ Last Resort Recovery is always looking to hire motivated employees that are excited about serving the adolescent population. The work we do is difficult, yet highly rewarding. If you believe you are ready to meet the challenge and want to leave a lifelong impact on adolescence and their families, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Our program director and helpful staff will guide you through the employment process and train you to be a successful member of a quality team of professionals. Opportunities for internship or practicum units are available for current students.   

  • A valid drivers license is required 
  • Ability to pass the Department of Justice background check.
  • Certification or Associates degree in Human Services or Chemical addiction counseling 
  • Must be registered with the Department of Health and Human Services or Credentialing agency 

For more information or questions related to employment, please call us directly.